With the sheer volume of season edits put out over the course of a spring, summer, and fall, some can get lost in the shuffle. Here are some season long cuts highlights from a winter cut short.

(cover: Koga Hoshino from Koga Hoshino 2020 Season Edit by Yuki Murayama)

Ah, the many cycles of life. If you've been a skier for even a short time, you are probably familiar with the ever churning cycle of stoke throughout the year. Please see the below official stoke chart for reference:

As you can see, it is around this time of year that stoke levels are on an upward, near exponential path, primed to return to their full capacity in November, a time where typical everyday thoughts are interrupted by daydreams of waist deep pow and taking that new trick to the Gucci.

With increasing stoke levels, this time of year is also one where we see a plethora of edits from last season emerge. Entire seasons of work are compiled into short videos, and many of these edits never get the spotlight they deserve as they are inevitably lost in the shuffle of the past few months.

So as part of this period's film digest, and in order to highlight some of the fantastic NS member work that has come out over the past few months, please read on through this Best of 2019-2020 Season Edits. (Spoiler alert.)


Unprecedented - Camden Williams |19-20| @Cami.Will

961837The midwest breeds psychopaths. Park feature eating maniacs like Camden Williams are no exception. This edit is 3 and a half minutes long, but it will probably take you over an hour to watch it the first time on account of rewatching every single mind blowing shot. The creativity is truly "unprecedented." How about sliding a rainbow rail with your knees? Somersault off a chair lift? Switch frontflip/aerial thing onto a pvc rail? I won't ruin anymore of it - watch it yourself if by some miracle you haven't already.

Samuel Alander - 2019/2020 | @SamuelAlander


Dripping with squeaky clean Swedish steeze, watch Samuel absolutely destroy every park feature in Europe for 8 minutes straight in this edit. He tosses nearly every dub in the book with crazy style (including one on ski blades and a dub front off a knuckle to the actual flat), spins like a top on and off rails (540 swaps, 6's on), and stomps just about everything with a big smile on his face. Samuel's one to watch (if you're not already).

darby pappas 2020 | @dirtydarbs


Darby's got smooth style and there's a little bit of everything in this edit - rails, jumps, street, you name it. All over the west. The only qualm to be had with this cut is not lining up Drake's " paddock on my wrist doing frontflips" line with the dope switch frontflip shot... Okay maybe too picky... super sick shot though and a job well done.

Niklas Oberrauch 2020 | @niklasobe


The opener is a step on 450 surface swap (someone help me with the name of this trick..) to pretzel 270 out on a double kink. I was impressed. Actually, the entire reel is impressive and that orange jacket steeze might just be the wave for 2021. Great work here Niklas.

Joona Kauppinen 19/20 | @J-jay


This edit deserves some spotlight because of Joona's original, graceful style. It almost reminded me of a dancer on skis, but with more steeze. A side note/random thought - American Football wide receivers used to practice ballet to help with their movements on the field. It put "grace" in their movements - maybe we skiers could benefit from that. Check out the jump line shot at 1:49 with the squeaky clean capped blunt 5 into the switch 7 high mute taken deep. There are plenty of styled out bangers throughout; excellent job Joona!

Kian Barrett // 2020 | @BianKarrett


How could this be a proper spotlight without a Trollhaugen ripper in the mix? Trollhaugen clearly breeds some of the most technical rail killers in the U.S., and Kian Barrett appears to be no exception. The kid seems to have been putting in serious work on that rope tow and Will Wesson vibes are coming through strong on the last 4 shots of this cut.

Hunter Carey 2020 Cut | @huntercarey


Hunter's not exactly underground these days - he's gotten attention from some big name sponsors over the past couple years such as Monster and K2. But this edit still deserves some spotlight for Hunter's ability to kill it all over the place, not just in the park. The kid put his pipe skills on full display here and tosses some hammers off some spring backcountry jumps too. Stoked to see what else we'll see from Carey this upcoming season.

Pow & Big Mountain

niko vidy 2019 EXTENDED CUT | @Nike_Nako

971144To be clear, we're not sure if this is 2019 as in last season, 2019/2020, or 2018/2019, the season before. Regardless, this is seriously heavy. Niko goes fast and sends big cliffs and chutes with ease, many of which come up totally unexpected to the viewer. Just going to #claim now that Bridger Bowl might breed the best big mountain skiers in America. But it totally sucks don't go there, seriously.

Tyler Curle | POV 2020 | @tcurle

963863Yo. Talk about getting "on top of some s**t"..... This is shredtastic. Upon rewatching, I actually yelled "oh my god" aloud at my screen so loudly that I think my roommates thought there was a car crash outside or something. Want to feel bad about your skiing ability? Watch the 7 off the diving board at 1:48.

Cut Short: A Season Edit from Ray McDermott | @raymcdermott


What's up Ray?! This edit was sick. Super fun and lighthearted too in a way that just makes you really want to go skiing. The zones in this edit were dope too - Ray skis some pretty burly lines but also plenty of deep mellow dreamland pow. Some solid determination at the end there too with that big cork 7 - alright bud!

Before the World Stopped (Ed Dujardin) | @ShredwardStomps

970405Hold up - Ed's a 7th grade social studies teacher? Dude! I wish I had a teacher that could shred like this growing up. Plenty of pretty gnarly drops here - a highlight was that whole ender line at 2:54. The last drop is shiver inducing. Gnarly as it was, this whole thing just made Ed's season look like an absolute blast. Stoked!

Morgan Tien - Secondary Succession | @Los_Amigos


Alright, so there may very well be more crashes than landings in this edit, but that doesn't matter. Morgan absolutely sends here, putting life on the line for shots. I cannot believe he somehow survived the double frontflip crash over the road - that was bonkers. The production and filmwork is on point, with multiple angles per many shots, as well as drone footage. The ender is a mind blower. Nice work to all involved.

Red Helmet // Henry Hall | @big_bank_hank


This puts the "loose" and the "lit" in "loose but lit." While I was more than concerned for his wellbeing at multiple points in this season cut, Henry Hall can rip and has no aversion to good ol' fashioned speed. A highlight is 1:27 - balls to the wall, zero regard for anything close to control. Glad you survived the winter, Henry.


Koga Hoshino 2020 Season Edit | @yukimurayama

963558Yuki Murayama put together 3 of these dope season street edits, one for Shota Murayama, Kenzo Kamimura, and lastly, this one for Koga Hoshino. All 3 of them are super strong, but Koga's here might just be the heaviest. The spots are diverse, throughout Niikata and Hokkaido, Japan, and Yuki's production work is top notch. Highlights include the disaster 270 at 2:00 and the unbelievably raw ender shot which is almost reminiscent of an old Stept movie. You killed it Koga!

Luke O'Brien 2020 Street Part | @Lukeobrien


In incredible DIY fashion, Luke put together this edit from filming with no established crew and only natural speed over the course of the year. It's pretty impressive. Luke hits just about every type of urban feature imaginable from direction changing dub kinks to the tops of chain link fences and lays down some pretty crazy tricks in the process. Are those Head race boots he's wearing?! Please say they are 140 plugs, that would just make this cut that much better. If you haven't seen his 2020 park edit, it's also worth a watch: https://www.newschoolers.com/videos/watch/966847/Luke-O-Brien-2020-Season-edit

MAKRO URBAN SKIING 2019 | @twoowtskis


Here's one we believe was shot last season, but could have very well been 2018-19. Oh well. Dima Makrushin has been out crushing in these streets for a minute now. He has no shortage of Casabon-esque smooth gorilla style here, and it's always refreshing seeing another skier holding it down in the streets with style. Tons of creative spots, all laced with ease, and one thing's for sure: Makro's got the only trick in the world dialed in (see 2:02, 4:55, and many other shots to get learned).

Audrey Friess 2020 Street | @Audreyfriess


Lotta spots for a lotta shots - some creative riding by Audrey here and the classic old school Panasonic vibe going on makes for a solid short cut. With the signature skizzors, Audrey channels her inner Zahner on rails, utility boxes, and traffic signs. Highlight shot is the bridge hit to front 2 out at 0:55. Great stuff Audrey!!

FRITZ STREET // 2020 | @friiitz


This goes hard. There's gotta be something about growing up riding rails in the Midwest, because these Minnesota boys are just freaks, and Fritz is no exception. Plenty of creative spots (like the swinging gate halfway through) combined with some super technical riding make for a dope 3 minute seg. Spoiler alert: the man jibs a Domino's Pizza billboard. Last shot is serious!

Alrighty, well thanks for peeping through these edits and giving some dope skiers and filmers some of the praise they deserve. Job well done to all and super stoked for what we'll see next year! Fingers crossed for a full season free of injuries and COVID related closures - peace!