It all began one night, while reminiscing about skiing’s past and considering its future: The thought of an online magazine. Brought forth was the idea that an online magazine could bring together riders from everywhere, of all ages and of all levels. A magazine that would retain a great community, not just a great following. It would be a magazine that could bring the lesser known riders to the limelight, while still promoting the big names that we have grown to admire. It is Unity, the idea lurching in the back of the minds of Matt Harvey, Matt Schwagler, and Jeff Thomas. The idea that new school, big mountain, east and west would join in the unity of a progressive sport. Unity will bring the crowds what they want to see: photos, videos, interviews, editorials, humor, articles, contests, news, secrets, girls, calendars, reviews, and more. Don't expect the minimum only expect the maximum from us. The integration of you, the readers, is our vision. We want you to contribute, for the excitement, and the chance to say "I wrote, shot, and starred" in the Unity of our beloved sport. We want you, the people, to believe that this magazine is for real, not a corporation whose writers are paid to document skiing, but an actual magazine written by the riders for the riders. It is our belief that unifying a sport coast to coast, discipline to discipline is for real and alive. It is a great day in skiing history. Source: Matt Harvey/