It's been a busy couple months at the NS Clothing office. New designers, new suppliers, new riders. We're almost set to bust it next season.

But before all that, a new order has just arrived at our door step so inventory levels are back up, and there are a couple new styles to choose from.

We brought back the hoodie for all you skier-on-the-shirt lovers in the audience. Check it out under the NS Dot Com category.

We've also added a hoodie and a tee (each comes in two colors, so if you're really smart, that's four new items). Say hello to Trippy the Light Fantastic and The Ultralaser.

Two new riders have been added to the team. Charles Grant and Dave Bishop, both residing in Blue Mountain, Ontario. Dave Bishop came out of nowhere last year at the Triple Challenge riding blue 1080s and rockin' a 5 year old Columbia jacket. He took 1st in the bigair and 2nd in the slopestyle throwing Tanner-esque switch rodeo 7s and destroying the rails. Charles Grant is making his presence known with his huge rodeos and impressive rail skills. Watch out for him making waves in the competition scene real soon.

In other news, Sarah Burke has joined on with NS Clothing again. She was forced to withdraw her contract by another sponsor, but has since dropped said sponsor which allows to her ride for us once again.

NS Clothing is set for the upcoming season with a full new line-up of streetwear. It will be several months before this clothing is released, but in the mean time, grab a couple shirts from and bug your local dealer to carry our goods.

Charles Grant utterly destroys this urban rail.