Nascar was quit the experience! I was in a sea of automobiles. Trucks, cars, trailers, double wides, RVs, scooters, golf carts etc... and the fans! The stadium and surrounding area was packed with die hard Nascar fans, all wearing these snap-up jackets covered in the sponsors and numbers of their favorite racer. Everywhere you looked, there was an advertisement, colorful and bright! The noise from the 25+ cars was so loud I wore these yellow ear muffs the whole race (featured in the picture below). It was a sensory overloud, but I sure did have fun!

We were of the lucky few to be allowed into the Nascar pit area. This is where the real action is to been seen. The Red Bull crew went through 3 sets of tires in the 324 lap race. Below is a before and after of one set. They would burn through tires so fast and the rubber particles would wisk around the stadium, often landing on your face or in your drink!
I attended the race with my Red Bull Team Manager Adam and a few other athletes. Below are the boys, Terry Adams (RB pro BMX flatland rider), Adam Bebout (our RB TM) and Heath Frisby (RB Pro Snowmobile rider).
The pit crew.
Nascar fireman.
Some random pit crews and characters. 
A look from across the field. Look at that crowd!
I found a mini UPS truck!
Entering the VIP zone.
Terry giving a demo to the RB energy station guests.
RB Nascar Driver Brian Vickers giving some pre race words and introducing newest RB team member, Reggie Bush. ps. the Nascar drivers are Gods in this community. Everywhere you looked there was another posters of a driver looking like a "rock star." It reminded me how vast the world of sports is... seeing as I had never heard of these guys before.
Carting around.
Terry turned out to be quit the dancer... Here he is below impressing the Texas style dance party.
RB had a street car custom made with a Nascar engine. After Reggie got dropped off at the hotel by this flashy whip, we were all to get rides... maybe even drive it! But the hotel unfortunately called the police on the noisy not street legal car.
Overall it was a great weekend hanging with the boys and getting to see what the most popular sport in the US is all about... Fast Cars and Rock Stars.