Hey all you blog readers.

It's been a while since I posted a real blog entry, so I figured I would give a quick recap on my season to date.

The season started with me tearing my AC joint in my left shoulder at the DNA rail jam in Fort Collins a week before I got another shoulder surgery on my rotator cuff in the same shoulder. After some healing and finishing another semester of school at CU Boulder, I moved back up to Breckenridge in December to start my season a bit late again this year. I started off slow, afraid of re-injuring my shoulder or knee. It took (and continues to take) a long while to get my coordination and confidence back to where I need it to be. I also spent a lot of time on my new snowmobile I bought this year, man they are hard to get good at!

You can almost see all the gapers at Breck in the background

Doing a little Liberty BC shoot near Minturn, CO

My first trip of the year was out to Oregon to film with Rage. On the first rail we hit, I thought I messed my shoulder up, and so I didn't hit anything else for the rest of the trip, making it totally a waste of time for myself. After getting home, I found out my shoulder has a bone divot in it, causing the clicking and other weirdness that I guess I will just have to live with.

After skiing some park at Breck and Keystone, I began coaching the CU Boulder Freeride Team as well as the Keystone Freeride Team.

I took a few sled trips down to Crested Butte to get better at riding my sled, and to film with Two Plank and Rage in the BC. And of course, during all of this, there were other random trips including Cleveland, the crazy parties of the X-Games, The Meeting in Aspen, handrail trips to Denver, etc.

Taking a bath at 3am in Aspen, as Dave Amirault would say...

Testing out the BFF's. All kinds of fun for those not too deep pow days

Then while skiing in the park at Keystone, I overshot a jump and tore 1/4 of my left ACL, leaving me unable to ski for a few weeks. I won't need surgery unless I tear it completely, so I should be good to go.

It was actually pretty good timing, because the next day I flew to Vegas for SIA. It was incredible, we experienced Vegas in ways that few are lucky enough to, and came away with countless lifetime memories.

Nice view from atop yet another VIP club

VIP bottle service at The Tao baby!

The Liberty Booth, in full form

El Presidente shows a little love

After hobbling around and taking another week or so off, I got a knee brace and headed to the Midwest with Rage to film handrails in and around my hometown of Madison, WI. Overall the trip was very productive, and we left with a ton of great shots.

Urban natural disaster rail

Bridge in the ghetto, Southside son!

A few weeks later, I hoped a plane to Japan to film with Rage for over 2 weeks. It was an amazing trip, but I will spare you the details since there are some good updates with different pics on both NS and Freeskier. Here are the direct links:

NS-   http://newschoolers.com/web/content/viewcult/action/news/id/3949/jid/807/eid/2362/

Freeskier-   http://community.freeskier.com/articles/article.php?article_id=2157

My next skiing adventure begins this Wednesday and takes me to Europe for 3 weeks. Wish me luck, and I'll see you guys on the slopes...