Herro everyone. And welcome to my new blog. I'm going to skip the

preamble that most people give (including myself, in the past) when

they create a new body of regularly updated written material. This is a

ski website, and I'm not creative enough, or of diverse enough

interests, to comment on many other things. To keep with the spirit

(which I in no way condemn) of Newschoolers.com, I will do my best to

talk shit on as many things and alienate as many people as I possibly

can. I am contractually limited to only post things which I have also

posted in my eXpen eXtreme blog on EXPN.com. So

you'll still have to go to the forums or my own

website for my most strident diatribes, especially anything

containing the words "shit" and "fuck."

Again, welcome to my blog. Check it all the time, so you can either smile, or grimace with indignation, at my wit.