After last nights needed sleep, I figured I could bring out the crosscountry skis again. Good work-out, and well spent time outside!

The weather I had choosen for the occasion was far from perfect, but I had to get it over with. 10 km in pretty much storm, and exactly one year since the last time I did this.  Good thing I had my ipod and KOSS phones.

On the photos it looked kind of mellow, but it was a struggle, haha.

I have the same skis as when I competed in cross-country skiing 7 years ago.

I made it through the course, but when I got there I managed to lock my car-keys in the car, while packing my skis into the car. What an idiot I am, should not be possible to do.

Right now, 4 hours later I am still waiting for this dude to come get my keys. And it would cost me 500 NOK. Thank you GOD!