After reading through this thread, I got the idea to create one of those iTunes Celebrity Playlists. Obviously I'm not a celebrity but it's not fair that only the likes of Paris Hilton are allowed to infect us with their terrible taste in music. So without further ado, here's my "celebrity" playlist. I'll arrange the order like this: Song Why I chose this song1. "Paper Planes" - MIA This song does not reflect my musical tastes but it's simply a great song and it makes me laugh. Music is supposed to be enjoyed and laughter is my favorite enjoyable thing. Plus I DARE you to listen to this song twice and not make gun motions.2. "Walk of Life" - Dire StraightsAdd this song to the list, Songs that will eventually be used in a ski movie. Seriously, Josh Bryant if you're reading this, why hasn't this been used in a Jibij update? 3. "Who Did You Think I Was" - John Mayer TrioArtist integrity vs a million units. Only a few artists come to mind when having main stream appeal without completely selling out (Stevie Ray Vaughn and Eric Clapton come to mind but I'm sure there's been more). The guy that came out with the song that will effectively get every boyfriend in the doghouse laid (Your Body is a Wonderland) has been called the next Clapton by Rolling Stone Magazine and Clapton himself. He deserves a second listen and be on the look out for a new Trio album this fall. 4. "Cabin John" - Assembly of Dust Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Go to and download some of their shows. On a scale of 1-10, this is a 10 on best music to listen to while driving or cruising through the trees or groomers. Cabin John is one of their finer tracks but the show that really kicks ass is the show at Liquid on 12.31.03 5. "Rock My World" - Rich Ortiz*To be honest, this is not my favorite Rich Ortiz song but he played at my house last winter and I made a video of his performance. Rich is one of my good friends and he's insanely popular around the Lake George/Saratoga area. He plays bass pedals, guitar, and loops the drum beats he makes on his guitar. Check him out on and check out the video below: GREAT NEWS! For those going to the Opens Freeski (NOA) this weekend at Mt Snow, Rich is playing the Billiard Sanctuary this Friday night! I'll be there playing pool, handing out NS stickers, and jamming out. Stop by and say hello! 6. "Panama" - Van HalenIf Schmuck reads this he'll likely support this choice though their entire catalog is capable of rocking your face off. We need to go back to a time of promising ski movie segments featuring hair metal band songs. Somewhere Boyd Easly is pumping his fist, screaming "Finally!"7. "Why Don't We Do It In The Road?" - The BeatlesPerfectly awesome and suggestive. 8. "Change" - Blind Melon9. "Ms. Fat Booty" - Mos DefI recently had a chain email sent to me listing things middle class white people like. #23 Mos Def.10. "Lenny" - Stevie Ray VaughnSRV is my hero. He epitomized everything I love about the guitar. This song is simply incredible. Listening to this song before going to bed is something I look forward to every night. Every SRV song has a special place in my heart but this one stands above the rest.Some of these songs are hits while others are simply songs I've been jamming to recently. I'll add ten more later. Throw some of your favorite songs in the comment section so I can download some great new music!-MR