Park edits are by far the most common type of video content you'll find on Newschoolers, due to the fact that it's more accessible than ever to pick up a camera and go film with your friends at your local mountain's terrain park. Even though it seems pretty simple, it's much more difficult to produce a good park edit that will stand out. Since it's Throwback Thursday, I decided to take a look back at those edits from the 2013-2014 season that I could watch more than once.

Tom Wallisch - Open Season at PCMR

There isn't much to say here. It's Tom Wallisch, he's too good, and he ends this edit with a front swap pretzel 360 swap 270 out on a S-to-down rail.

Gus Kenworthy - Breck Skihead (Nike Edit 2014)

Gus Kenworthy is IMO the best park skier in the world, and it's insane to think he filmed this edit in two days. It must be fun to be Gus.

Nordica "East"

I love watching edits from Sugarbush, it's one of the, if not the best / most fun park on the East Coast. There's some really good skiing by Ian Compton and Christian Franchino in there, while Evan Williams brought us another really fun edit to watch.

Cole Drexler 13-14

Cole Drexler's skiing is unique, he does tricks nobody else does, and skis to a 50 Cent track.

Khai Krepela // Down Stream

Khai Krepela is too sick. He's tech and stylish, which makes him my favorite rail skier. And he's got the best back swap pretzel 2.

Yoke - Super Awesome Spring Trip 2

Yoke's content is always fun to watch, and it looks like they had an awesome time skiing, filming and putting this together. I can't wait for spring skiing to start.

Jordan Innes 2014

Jordan Innes is sick. He makes hard stuff look super casual, and has a deep bag of tricks on rails. If you want to see how this guy warms up on rails, check this out:

Daniel Hanka || Chargin'

Daniel Hanka is exciting to watch and puts out quite a lot of content. This is probably the best edit we've seen from him, and he skis to a classic song from Mötley Crüe. I'm sure he listened to it a bunch while chargin'.

Crazy Karl // Lines in the Park 1

Karl killed Windells' lane last summer, skiing the park like nobody else. Here he shows us how creative and tech he can get, with an edit that contains strickly lines.

Running Trains

Another guy did an edit with strickly lines. Austin De Ste-Croix might not be as known as Karl, but he shows us that he has his tricks down with some impressive lines.

What's your favorite edit from the past season? Leave it in the comments below!