Ski graphics have changed a lot over the years. From straight up pine planks sealed up with lacquer to killer clowns, camo, kittens, and everything in between. Some brands seemed to have regressed over the years while others have continued to crank out impressive eye candy season after season. These are my picks for 2020, in no particular order.

1. Faction Skis x Pit Viper Monoski

Yes, Faction made a monoski. No, they didn't teleport to the 80s to retrieve it. Will you be able to stomp dub backies on it like SuperUnknown winner Blake Wilson? Probably not. That doesn't mean this Hotline Miami looking ski is a bad idea to add to the quiver.


2. ON3P Cease & Desist

“Death on sticks is always the best.” This quote, from the first iteration of the series, hits the nail on the head of why the Cease & Desist has been featured since the beginning. ON3P creative director, Trevor Woods, use of macabre scenes has made me a big fan of this art style. The man is seen getting his face quite literally ripped off by a demon-esque being. Talk about a fucking brutal way to go.


3. Line Outline

Clean. Crisp. Artistic. All admirable ways of describing the product of Eric Pollard putting pen to paper. A system of roots or branches that blends into a hawk act are the main draw for the topsheet, truly describing Eric Pollard's skiing; fast, elegant, and subtly fierce. He has had one of the cleanest styles in skiing for over 15 years and his artwork represents that.


4. Vishnu Wide

Vishnu has ditched the typical hand-drawn or photoshopped together look of most topsheets today for hyperrealistic photos their owner, Emmett Davis, finds in every day life. From cactus, fruit salad, and even an old Grey's Anatomy book, they keep it weird and refreshing.


5. Moment Wildcat

As stated in last year’s entry, the Wildcat is not continuing the Jack & Jill story that transcended many models of the Bibby Pro but Moment has stayed true to their punk rock/metal roots with this year’s graphic. It reminds me of these two album covers mashed up and re-done: I, Cosmonaut & Gravity Works, two works that I'm rather fond of.


What was your favorite ski graphic for 2020? Leave a comment below or make a thread calling me out about how I don't know what I'm talking about. You decide...


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