BLUE MOUNTAIN PRESENTS¡K WINTER EXPOSURES 2003! A Multi-Media fieldtrip through your mind! Choose your weapon! Film, Photography, Graphic Design or Street Media. Blue Mountain is prepping to host the first ever Multi-media Showcase! What is it? Winter Exposures is an event designed to nurture the talent of local youth, and media enthusiasts. A display of film, photography, graphic design, and street media illustration (graffiti). This multi-media showcase is an opportunity for all amateurs to display their talent, and gain exposure. We all see the people in the terrain park with their DV cameras, and amateur photographers shooting friends, and creating personal collections of video and profiles. Some shoot with intentions of sending their film / profile to a ski or board manufacturer for sponsorship, and some for wall decorations, but all people with this hobby are united with one common passion, and for the pure pleasure of film, design, and photography. The dates of the event are set for Feb 21, 22 and 23 in the Weider and Beautiful Kandahar room, overlooking the hill and it¡¦s surroundings. Registration will take place on the evening of Feb 21st, print and film will be showcased all day Saturday, with the finalists and awards on Sunday, and a final showing of the winners films in the outdoor plaza in the Village at Blue. The general theme and direction is aptly titled ¡§Winter Exposures¡¨. This title offers a common guideline for competitors, but the sky is the limit, and we encourage creativity. Competitors can enter all 3 categories, or just 1. The entry fee for each category is $10.00. Entries must be registered, and can obtain the registration form by request. Submission Guidelines are as follows. „h Video- „h DVD, VHS Mini DV - max 7min. „h Photography- „h Digital or Slides (PowerPoint format) „h 2-3 minute show for digital / slides. „h Max 5 submissions for print. „h Display mechanism required for print. „h Graphic Design/Illustration-print only, 3D illustration- „h Size guidelines ¡V 11¡¨/17¡¨, display parameter¡¦s, display mechanism required „h Max 5 submissions for graphic. „h Submissions not pick up by Sunday 23 3:00 will be property of Blue Mt „h No explicit content „h No published or professionals. „h BMR has use of all submissions. This event is sure to be a success, with the goal and efforts to create an annual festival. Prizes include a SkiCan trip to British Columbia, an insert in the winter Blue Mountain brochure, and potential advertorial space in a vertical media publication. Look for posters in your town soon. You can also find information at by clicking on the events calendar. For more information, please contact¡K Jodi Cooke / Tenaya Nash ¡V Promotions and Marketing Blue Mountain Resort R.R. #3 Collingwood, Ontario L9Y 3Z2 Tel: (705) 445-0231 ext. 6203 Fax: (705) 444-1751 E: /