Saturday April 19th marked the 138th day of operation for Blue Mountain in the 2008 ski season and also the last.

I had a really fun morning with my parents, just skiing the 3 open runs in the 24 degree Celsius sunny weather then went home to recharge on the deck before heading out to the terrain park for some hiking.

When I arrived, all the work was complete so I went to work right away on the 5 features that were set up.  After putting my teeth through my lip (I decided no one needed to see that) I took up the camera and took some pictures of the hard cores enjoying the end of the year:

First up was Pat Toronchuck, a first year park tech at blue who killed it this year.  Here he is doing a 270 on the down rail:

Also out on the day was super woman shredder Jessica Warll.  Here she is pictured mid-switch-up on the down:

The Day was great but  I lost the rail passion as it wore on and convinced Pat that it would be a great idea to hike up and hit some mud patches:

Below is video of the longest mud runs i have ever witnessed or have done.  I'm going to claim that they are the longest mud runs of all time until i see evidence to the contrary:

Well the ski year is over at Blue and the biking is about to start, so come out and enjoy it!

See you on the hill

Dan Kellar