Hood Update PART 2

So, the weather turned a bit nasty for a few days, and with my trip to

New Zealand growing ever nearer, we had minimal time to get in some

good skiing.

I got up with my friend Julie (who took all of the below ski pics) to

shoot for the remaining few days as well as Liberty team mate Mike

Hornbeck to switch off doing some video follow cams through the public

4 set.

Making laps through Windell's (Jammin' Julie photography)

Testing out Windell's biggest jump  (Jammin' Julie photography)

Tom Wallisch, Nick Martini, and Henrik Harlaut (spelling?) also joined

in on the fun, so look out for a Jiberish edit coming soon from these


It was the 4th, and seeing as how I had never seen fire works from

inside a city before, I headed to downtown Portland with newfound

friend Allison Melvin to watch them from the top of the tallest

building we could find. (Lesh Photo)

We watched the sun set as we waited for the show to begin... (Lesh photo)

They put on a pretty good show. They launch a constant barrage of

fireworks off from 2 different barges on the Willamette River. (Lesh


With temps in Portland reaching triple digits and temps reaching

mid 90's on snow, its real hard to stay clothed. (Jammin' Julie


Then it was off to Mt Hood Summer Ski and Snowboard Camp's quarter pipe

at the bottom of their lane to get that good ol' weightless feeling

rushing through me. While I did lame straight airs and 3's, Tanner

practiced his new pipe double flip. It was a bit double lincoln but

he'll get that good double flat 5 that he wants in no time I'm sure.

Peter Olenick beware.

(Jammin' Julie photography)

Then I packed my car and headed down to Bend Oregon to the Rage Films

headquarters to film my intro in front of the green screen. Rage has an

incredible studio complete with everything you would need to produce

incredibly professional and exotic porn films (or ski movies I guess).

I was also able to watch the movie in it's current shape, which is

coming along quite well. Look to Rage to make one of the best ski films

ever to date including probably the best soundtrack ever.

After shooting my intro in the green screen studio, Dan Norkunas (who

is in charge of the ski side of things for Rage) imports and goes over

my footage. Pretty baller intro, you'll see...

I write this from Wanaka, New Zealand surrounded my blue lakes and

snow-capped mountains, be on the look out for my first NZ update soon...This