By Steve Rozendaal

Two things are certain when Eric Iberg joins up with Volume Video Magazine for 20 days in the Hood. Lots of skiing actions will be captured and more importantly the PBR will flow like water. We arrived to gray skies which we quickly drank blue. Dion and Sarah were finishing up their segments for the new Plehouse movie so we crashed with them. Vinnie came in to get his usual Hood work done. I ended up playing 4 rounds of golf with him, he is hitting the ball well. He also threw down on a back country kicker with Dash on our second day. Sarah took off to party in Whistler and Dion headed back to Quebec to build a house (believe it). I found Corey V homeless at Windell's one day and he quickly joined our crew. With a new condo costing almost nothing thanks to Iberg connections, the party continued.

Blue skies allowed us to shoot all day at Windell's, developing new tricks and buttoning up segments. Enter Johnny D with "the cone," another undercover Hood project that you will have to see to believe. Everyone took their shots at it, and I guess some got it. Iberg got the call late one drunken night, and I knew things were going to get busy. Tanner comes to Hood for 3 days max. In that time he gets things done. When I heard he was traveling with CR and we were crashing at an Oakley house I got excited. The next day and a half was a blur while Tanner, CR, Vinnie, Corey, Rainville(T-Bone), Kristi, and many others attacked all obstacles at Windell's and I continued to indulge in PBR.

Another great year at Hood and I need to thank Tim, Travis, Jill, Johnny, Larry, Joe, Lesil and of course Vinnie for buying me Dairy Queen, you're the best. Look for complete coverage in Volume issue 12.