So there were several reason I came back to Minnesota. Primary one was I didn't enjoy leaching off of my friends when I couldn't find a job. Another was I had a slight health concern. But the later is over and now it is just the issue of a job. I realize I just started a position and I hate the fact that I would be leaving so soon, but I am incredibly unhappy here.It is awesome seeing my family and having dinner made for me and getting to relax a little, but at the same time, the things outside of my family that I love are non-existent. My so called friends don't seem to come around too often making life quite dull. I also think about skiing on a daily basis and can't imagine not being able to ski this winter. If I were somewhere amazing, skiing wouldn't be an issue, but here it is. Also, the life and the friends and the network I have built in California is amazing. The people I know, the things I do, the activities I am involved with, being away from this is too hard. So, determination starts. I will find a position starting soon, hopefully in Mammoth. I'll build my connections up some more. Go back down to LA in the spring, maybe do retail full time, start up school in the fall and only do school/work. Then next winter probably do ski instructing at High or Bear. Somewhere in there I'll start getting financial aid again. If Obama stays true, I'll get 4000 for 100 hours community service which is cake. I think I can handle this.