Hey guys! I've been in Oslo this whole week doing some different stuff. I went to Olympiatoppen on monday and thursday. The doctor that looked at my neck was really surprised how good my neck was looking, so i guess that's good. I met some of the snowboarders on the norwegian snowboard team (Roger Kleivdal, Tore Holvik And Torstein horgmo). I joined those guys in the gymnastic room, off course I was just watching cause I can't jump on a trampoline or anything like that yet. I left during their warm up, so did'nt get to see what they were working on. It was really hard to just watch people having fun jumping in foam pits And what not, so I had to leave. Tore Holvik warming up with a dub front.

On friday I had a Photoshoot with Frode Sandbech for the cover of the next issue of Fri Flyt.Saturday was the Fri Flyt awards and the premiere for the MSP movie witch was siiick, you should check that movie out. Now Im in Stavanger following the premiere tour for a little while, Bergen tomorrow. Peace