Earlier today, Borja Ayed Capillas (34), a local mountain guide, was killed in an avalanche while preparing a face for the upcoming Freeride World Tour competition at Vallnord-Arcalis in Andorra. According to a short statement released by the Freeride World Tour, the injuries he sustained as a result of the slide proved fatal despite a rapid response from rescue teams. A second guide was also caught in the slide and was rescued, having sustained a broken leg. Local newspapers are reporting that all festivities surrounding the FWT event will be cancelled, but the competition itself will go ahead, with the competition date to be determined at this time.

This winter has been a deep one in Andorra but mixed conditions and temperatures in recent weeks have resulted in difficult snow conditions. In the area around Vallnord-Arcalis the current Avalanche risk level is high (Level 4) with up to 40 cm of wet snow falling in the last few days and settling on top of a light, weak layer, overloading the snowpack. Naturally occurring avalanches are to be expected on steep slopes and skier triggered slides are likely (Source: Meteo.ad).