Cover Photo: Mount Snow/Mike Dawson

It's been a bad start to the season for much of the West Coast and Mount Snow are jumping at the opportunity to twist the knife on behalf of the East. Their communications manager, Jamie Storrs, reached out to us with a simple statement:

"I challenge any park in North America to try to say they have a better/more extensive setup right now than we do."

I hit him up for some details and their offering does sound on point. "Right now we have 122 total features, made up of 17 jumps and 105 rails, jibs, etc. plus we opened the Superpipe this weekend, and we’re adding more this coming week. I don’t think anyone can step to that," he told me.

With the shortage of snow in the west, that really could be a tough offering to match, but plenty of the Colorado resorts look pretty fun right now too. One thing is for sure, Mount Snow have been putting in work on their features for this year, fabricating a load of new rails to keep things interesting.

Mac Forehand has certainly been killing it out there on his breaks from riding the World Cups in Europe, which is where I am watching the snow fall endlessly (also a bit of a knife twist, sorry). Could Mount Snow have the best offering on the American side of the pond right now? I'm sure you'll let us know, it's certainly a bold claim.