So, if one is to drive approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes North-West-ish of Toronto, you will arrive in the skiing heart of Ontario, Collingwood, home of Ontario "Biggest Hills" Blue Mountain, and private clubs such as Craigleigth, Georgian Peak and Oslers. Now Toronto this past week got its first covering of snow of the year, but up in "C-wood" there was a whopping 40cms. Driving up on Saturday morning, it was like entering an entirely different country, try lined but snow, branches hung over barely holding the weight of the snow before snapping. The tress glistened from the sun, creating a silver aura around them, a very enjoyably drive.

 Thanks to the Vitols i was able to spend the weekend in C-wood, in the huge ass chalet (personally i would call it a home, but each to their own). So we think about hiking, but decide against it when we find thigh high powder in their backyard. The backyard is not a fenced backyard as there is plenty or room between chalets so we figure, we have an ATV(with plow) and lots of the softest preseason snow, snow so plentiful you just wanted to touch it inappropriately in all the wrong ways. The most snow this early Ontario has seen in a while, so we get building right away.

 It doesn't take to long to build up the first one using the driveway as our ramp. The next day we get building on the other side of the chalet a jump bigger than most at Craigleigth. Now of course Squire John's was held Saturday night but i will cover that later. Just wanted to show that even without jumps at the big resorts in c-wood you can still have some great jumping sessions.

Mr. Vitols behind the camera on the first jump, and yes i need to work on the steeze haha

Rob hitting the 2nd jump we made, a good step bigger than the first

Rob in the air, Eric on the ATV, first jump


You can't help but be happy with all this snow

The Vitols bros, respect for having an open home to me

Small jump

Rob on the big jump, set up for night sesh

Have a great week...Squire John Jib Fest to come...

-Pippin Lee