You’re all probably wondering

what’s happening in Badlands this season? Well

– I don’t have all the details yet – but I do have a few little tidbits that I

can share… Let’s start with this…

You might be wondering why I am

showing you a photo of a summer attraction – especially a summer attraction

that no longer exists. This is the Raft-Rider tube ride, you see it when you go

up the Century Express Chair (the 6-pack to skiers left of Badlands),

after years of operation it was decided to retire this attraction. Again,

you’re probably thinking “so what”….

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<![endif][if !vml]This is the Raft-Rider now...

This photo is from this morning…

Hmmm, that’s a bunch of empty

space now…. On the other side of the Century Express lift is where the safety

centre lived (that portable that gave you your park pass), well we decided it

was in the way. Now you go to the administration building (where you get your

season pass) to pick up your park pass. Yes, you still need one, but you can

pick up your park pass and your season pass at the same time.

Here’s the empty space where the

portable used to be….

This photo is looking up into

the now empty space that was the water slide from the right hand side of the

Badlands chair. If I squint I can see a future rail line there…..

With all this space empty the

plan is to add some terrain and features to Badlands.

There are also plans for new rails as soon as I have some details I will pass

them along. We’re also busy planning for all the events that are taking place

this winter starting with the Frozen Rail Jam on December 15 and finishing up

the season with the Triple Challenge in March!

We’re looking forward to a great

season, get out there and do that snow dance to Ullar. It’s snowing out my

window right now and the Farmers Almanac is calling for cold temperatures and

snow at the end of November – let’s trust those farmers know what they are

talking about!

Think Snow!