The past few days have been absolutely amazing. We've had a few small storms, one day the snow was like that of Utah or Colorado and the next it was more like Tahoe snow. We took the campers on a short hike into Laguna (a frequently visited backcountry zone with SASS) and made some snow spray. They all left the hill exhausted, but with smiles from ear to ear.

The scenery never gets old. From the top of Laguna you can see mountains for miles. I try to remind the campers to look up every once in a while while hiking and take in the views.
This shot is from mid Laguna checking out the Lake. Look at all that fresh snow!
Tage has the best empanadas I've had yet and Brendan might have the best mustachio.
Nat and I switched it up one day. I never realized how hard traversing is on a snowboard, but my feet and calves were killing me.
This shot is totally random, but it's my favorite dessert we've had at the hotel we're staying at. Just like the way it looks. Anyways, the campers are beat from hiking and skiing 7 hours each day so we're taking tomorrow off to check out the town and get to know our surrounding a bit more. Looking forward to some culture and the opportunity to practice my spanish!