sat down with Anthony Boronowski, owner of newly formed Joystick, to get the scoop on what the company is offering and all the details. You can also check out our interview with him on NS Radio.

What is Joystick, and what do you hope to accomplish with the company?

Joystick is a pole company which I started this summer. Joystick is going to bring a more creative element to skiing, more about skiing itself and what it represents, rather than who can go 20 ft. out of a halfpipe. Joystick will represent the creativity in skiing.

Why did you decide to venture into the pole market specifically?

The pole market was the most natural place for me to begin a business. Poles are something which can be really cool, but no manufacturer is representing who we are as skiers, and I felt that I could do this with the creation of Joystick.

When and where are the poles going to be available?

The poles are availible right now in the online store at They will also be in some shops, the more freeride orientated shops in particular. The dealer page on the web site will list all the shops who are carrying Joystick product, so you can always check it out at your local shop.

Who makes up the Joystick team?

JP Auclair, Pep Fujas, Mark Abma, Alex Balsen, Chris Benchetler and myself (Anthony Boronowski) make up the Joy team right now.

Have you been supported so far in your efforts?

So far people within the industry have been super supportive of Joystick. Its been really refreshing to see how people have been into the creation of an outlet such as this one. I think people have been so supportive because Joystick represents what skiing truly is.