MoonGroove 2009 will bring together locals and visitors alike for a musical experience like no other. Featuring the reggae rhythms of San Francisco’s Kapakahi and San Diego’s Mike Pinto, the night will truly not disappoint. Both artists offer a dynamic stage presence and create a positive, dance-infused atmosphere. The music will be complimented by a full bar, local restaurants offering an array of food, and wine tasting during early hours. Other features will include TAHOEMADE ATTIRE's full 2009 summer collection, a rather large raffle, and the blissful presence of TAHOEMADE girls. Oh yeah, the dance floor will be naturally lit by a full moon. Prepare for an evening of rapture.5:30pm - Doors open6-7pm - Openers, wine tasting, full bar, food7:30-8:30pm - Mike Pinto9-10:30 - Kapakahi10:30-2am - After party upstairs @ Plaza Bar w/ DJ