Shot this a couple of nights ago and am now using it to correspond with the concert happening tonight in Squaw on the Olympic Plaza deck. If you can make it out there, it'll be worth it. 2 awesome bands, food, wine, good times!!! Info below...MoonGroove 2009 will bring together locals and visitors alike for a musical experience like no other. Featuring the reggae rhythms of San Francisco’s Kapakahi and San Diego’s Mike Pinto, the night will truly not disappoint. Both artists offer a dynamic stage presence and create a positive, dance-infused atmosphere. The music will be complimented by a full bar, local restaurants offering an array of food, and wine tasting during early hours. Other features will include TAHOEMADE ATTIRE's full 2009 summer collection, a rather large raffle, and the blissful presence of TAHOEMADE girls. Oh yeah, the dance floor will be naturally lit by a full moon. Prepare for an evening of rapture.5:30pm - Doors open6-7pm - Openers, wine tasting, full bar, food7:30-8:30pm - Mike Pinto9-10:30 - Kapakahi10:30-2am - After party upstairs @ Plaza Bar w/ DJ