So finally Momentum and Camp Of Champions had a shared day of. So huge joint party. Euro white trash, or whatever that means. So tons of glow sticks and terrible techno music, not that dope but i gues you combine that with friends and drink tickets, you got your self a nice little get together. Momentum was supposed to have a nice sushi village dinner, but do to the cost of the night shoot it was canned and the diggers were bummed out. So Chug and I bought them over 20 jugs of beer at Merlins to help lift there spirits. It ended with Johnny Riddle in a dress and a thong, at about 7pm. Here is what followed Merlins.

Marg looking sexy and trashy at the same time
My sis, still on here feet. Rocking out and looking sick.
This is me, always over the top. Oh and this was completly sober
Fuck I am good looking
Jess looking very Heidi like
Bone and company, he is looking very stoked
Marg loves boobs

There was a nice little performance from team U.S. EH !!!! Chug filled in for John Symms for the performance of my friend is a pro. He did an awesome job.

My Friend Is a Pro, EH!!!! from Pete Olenick on Vimeo.

More party pics.

There is that dress i was talking about. All the chics were wet when we got on stage, I am 100% probably right about that.
Jess pointing out my package
And here go the shirts
That finger is totally on accident
Happy Joe
J-Bone, I wish that you could have seen him with it all glowing and not just looking like birds shit on him
Sarah Burke, I guess Euro chicks have facial hair
This is about the time Johnny realized that he was in a dress and felt super gay and sent himself home. He enjoyed a nice 45 min wait for the bus. Ha Ha
Turpin and Elsa, so cute. Big ups to Turpin for his tripple flat spin. Crazy old man
Drink Tickets for Joe
Just putting out the vibe, I think it is working
She needs to get some before some one lays her out on the dance floor. I am voting for Intern to take her down.
Marg still loves boobs
GOOOOO MARG !!!!!!!!
Just dancing with my sexy body, i dont think i have ever been felt up so much
Kaya, get some
Best looking man, for sure
No No No NO No No No
Well I think he is checking for lumps, yeah thats it.
The most akward 20 min of dancing I have ever scene, Ross teach your bro some moves