With Movember over... moustache trimmings fill the sinks... swimming down pipes on their journey... some coming to rest in filters... while others make their way to the ocean... not all is forgotten, as the awareness made during the past few weeks has brought great attention to Prostate Cancer and a lot of money was raised! We encourage the continued support for finding a cure! Visit movember.com for more information.

We would also like to congratulate Brice Klein (member name BKlein) for being the first person to identify everyone in the Mo-mentum Movember edit, thus becoming the winner of the Momentum Movember Moustache Mystery Contest, which was held right here on Newschoolers in the forums (click here to check it out). Congrats Brice, you've got yourself $100 off of camp next summer!

See everyone again for Moustache March!