There are two radio shows that I really love, This American Life and RadioLab. I highly suggest getting your ears on those. Both are many many things and I could list all sorts of adjectives to describe them, but I'll sum them up with these two; captivating and educational. Not necessarily the most amazing adjectives, but if you think about it, those two words can encompass a huge deal of things. Anyway, in short, they're good. Take my word for it.Now to the real point. RadioLab has a blog that I'm subscribed to. A post came up today that includes the video below. The video shows many quick clips of experiences throughout life. Some of them personal that we can or will eventually relate to and some of them a window into the experiences of someone else. This little piece ties in with the RadioLab piece they've been doing on life and more specifically, the after life. It really struck me as I watched it and caused me to reflect on some of my own personal "moments" and inspired some nostalgia for some long past.I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.