Hey everyone out there in NS land, how's it


Or perhaps I should say "genki desu-ka?" instead, as I

am in Japan right now.

So, it's been a while since last summer's camp, and the

last update, and hey, big things have happened since then!

The biggest surprise to all of us has been Shane's

announcement about High North shutting down.  First off I would just like to

congratulate Shane, Doug and all the HN crew for running an incredible camp that

really changed the face of the sport.  It really will not be the same up there

without you guys, and we're definitely gonna miss ya.  All of you who have been

up there know how close-knit the community on the glacier is, so you can

probably understand that for us, it is kind of like losing a roommate or a close


So thanks HN for a lot of good times up there, and

congratulations to Shane and Amanda on the new family!

What does this mean for Momentum?  Well, it definitely

opens up some more terrain for us, we have been on a wait list to get more lane

space up there for a while, and now the space is available.  This summer we are

adding an additional lane alongside our existing terrain on the showcase T-bar,

as well as adding the big booter lane from HN, over on the skiers left hand

side.  Further, we have just received word that our plans to have access to GE

halpipe is looking very good.  The new possibilities that this opens up for us

are pretty exciting!  It's always a good thing to have more space with options,

and we are already at work designing new rails and planning out the lanes.

Hope that everyone is having an epic winter. Can't wait

to see everyone back again and we look forward to welcoming any new HN faces

this summer!