Moment Skis Launches Brand New 08/09 Website

After many weeks of writing countless amounts of HTML Luke Jacobson has completed creating the 2008/09 Moment Skis website which can be seen at

Immediately following the launch of the new site on 7/07/08 I had the opportunity to sit down with Luke to discuss exactly what went into the new site besides his blood, sweat and tears.

Q. What will the typical initial reaction be when someone visits the site?

A. It’s kind of like a cookie jar on a really high shelf, you can’t see what your grabbing but you end up satisfied, you get what you get.

Q. You spent a lot of time working on this, you laughed, you cried, what got you through?

A. When you're in the heat of the Moment you have to keep thinking success or failure is imminent. So, to answer your question, I just ask Ced TF what to do and he had all the answers. For more difficult questions that you may need answered please message Ced at, screen name: quebecfreestyler.

Q. What do you think of the ski line up Moment has for this season?

A. Yeah, yeah…ninjas are cool.

Thank you Luke, these are surely words that will live in infamy.

Interview by Jason Badgley