As I was looking back through my photos from South America, I found a few that I thought I would share. Makes me miss that place. Can't wait for the snow to start flying in the northern hemisphere!!
At the base of the mountain there was an entire bike course set up. You could rally from the cat track into these mini tranny finders. Mini hits everywhere!!
Jeffrey leading the hike to the top of Staff Party, one of my favorite runs on the hill. For a short hike you got about 3,000 vertical feet of wide open pow fields, unreal tree skiing, and bamboo hacking. A few days after the storm this is where the goods were at.
At the top of The Playground looking ripe!
Heimer ready to get his in the endless, perfectly spaced trees.
Looking back up Palmero trees after a storm. Bariloche is located at the same latitude at Tahoe. With similar snowpack I felt at home, except for the bamboo at the end of the runs.
Scott Kooooochinski and the rest of the snowboarders built this sweet hip with an epic backdrop.
Burns on the hike to the top before stomping doubles. It's pretty impressive when campers start throwing doubles. That happened.
The bus rides home were always entertaining. Burns was stoked on his new Metal Monday mohawk.
One day, a few cows started hanging out at the hotel. I have no idea where they came from, but the dogs weren't into it.
Albertos was the place to go for dinner. Best steak of my life and I actually mean that. Notice the grill in the background.
The man, the myth, the legend, Alberto himself stopped by our table and cooked it up one night. It was as if there was a celebrity, we were all whispering "that's him! Alberto!" I haven't eaten red meat since I got back to the states, it doesn't compare.