Mirjam Jager in Blick, the largest newspaper in Swiss German.  Along with a double page piece in Sportmagazin.


Mirjam riding pipe in Colorado.


Here is a translation into English as the article is in Swiss German.


My best characteristic: I am determined and strong willed

My worst trait: Sometimes I’m too impatient

My person in three words: night person, fashionable, sporty

My clothing style: Varies, from Bikini to ski suit

I would never wear unfashionable underwear … …

My Shopping tip: L.A.

Makeup, lipstick and nail polish … … are always in the suitcase there!

My perfume: I get headaches from perfumes, eau de toilettes, therefore, only

My morning ritual in the bathroom: wash face, brush teeth, onto the face cream and mascara that’s all!

I always showers in the evening

My most attractive athletes: My friend Adam Taylor, Cristiano Ronaldo and Fernando Torres.

They’re just hot

What makes men attractive: sporty character, good charisma, a neat appearance and good manners

What men unattractive: Unkempt appearance, smoking

In men … … I look to the eyes, the hands, the body and the radiation

My most beautiful body part: My eyes

My flaw: My skier’s thighs

Tattoos and piercings … … Piercings are a no-go, I myself have five tattoos and therefore a strong yes to tattoos

Body hair … I find very unattractive …

The most important thing in a relationship: loyalty, honesty and trust

I would take to a deserted island: My friend, my iPhone, headphones, sunglasses and a surfboard

The first kiss: Hmmm …, do not think that was good

In bed I wear ... … that you would like to know …

Love is … … sometimes complicated but always beautiful

Marriage is … … one of the most beautiful proof of love

Sex is … … very important in a relationship. I would never do without it

My biggest private dream: Healthy and happy to grow old

My biggest sports dream: A gold medal at the X-Games

In ten years … … I am married, have one child and am successful in my job


For the original article and pictures go HERE.