I've just out down Miles From Nowhere by Barbara Savage. It has been another amazing book shared by my friend Ingrid. From now on I'll go to her if I ever am in need of a good read. Anyways, I couldn't have read this book at a better time. Since I'll be in Tahoe for the entire summer and into the beginning of the winter months I've been itching to travel. I'm usually here for no more than a couple of weeks, but since I'm injured it's the best thing for me to do. Hence why I took up school. School has made me committed to stay here and focus on healing my injured knee (which is coming along great by the way).This books pages are packed with adventure. Barbara and Larry Savage biked around the world visiting 25 countries along the way. On top of being greeted with endless hospitality in New Zealand, rock throwing Egyptians, and bicycling fanatics in Paris, the couple battled numerous rainstorms and powerful winds throughout their journey. The book made me want to travel and see the world in slow motion on bike rather than by speeding trains and from a birds eye view on planes. While I would be at the gym doing P.T. I'd read this book and imagine being in all of these extoirdinary places while I was on the stationary bike.Thanks Ingrid for another great book!!