What’s up everyone! Just dropping in and giving you a little insight to

what I have been up to this year. So far, it has been going very well.

I started out shredding 4th of July bowl in Breck on some tiny homemade

rails, ghetto but real fun. After doing that a few times A-basin opened

up with one very tiny run and a couple little park rails. It was good

to ride a lift and ski laps again. Once we got our feet back we filmed

a couple edits.



I then ended up going to Tahoe for the Boreal rail jam. This was so

much fun. I did everything I wanted to do. I have been having so much

fun hitting rails lately and trying to do different stuff. I live with

all snowboarders so I am heavily influenced by them. I have the most

fun riding with everyone I grew up with; snowboarders. I think skiing

has a lot of potential to progress on rails not just only doing switch

ups and spinning out. Here is an edit from Tahoe.


A few weeks later keystone, breck, and copper all opened. I met up with the Jiberish family and we had a lot of fun, in some really cold conditions. Colorado in November and December is so cold. It’s always fun shredding with Jiberish and making edits.


Thanks for reading; another update will be dropping from my first film trip of the season with Level 1. Keep shredding and always be ignit. Whewwwwwwww!