Mike Hornbeck is a midwest legend. In my mind he's the single skier who has most deeply influenced the current generation and current styles, whether those building on what he started know it or not. Last week he hit me up to promote an event he's running. It turns out that, true to his passion for home, he's reviving the Midwest Skier Open. I asked him about it and he summed it up the plan better than I ever could:

"The Midwestskier open was an event from the early 2000's and one of the best contests the Midwest has ever seen. People from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio would all make the trek for a fun weekend. Midwestskier was an online site like Newschoolers and really brought the local community together out here. I just want to pay homage to what the people did for skiing around here back in the day. My aim with contest is to get skiers together and have a good time on a course that is legit. It's a contest, but it's more about gathering like minded people together and pushing skiing in the Midwest."

Thanks to support from Armada, Shred, Slytech, Jiberish, Haskill, and Tall-T there are some dope prizes on offer too.

Event details

- Event held at Bittersweet ski area in Otsego, Michigan

- $10 entry fee for event

Registration 9-11.

Practice 9-11

Course maintenance 11-12

Contest starts 12

Hotdogs a la Hornbeck after the event is over.


Events like this truly are the lifeblood of the scene, if you can make it to Bitersweet, you know it's going to be a good time. For now, check out some vibes from MSO way back in '03. Know your roots.