Words: Brian LandriganPhotos: Drew Andres & AEM 200 feet of vertical drop didn’t stop the best riders in the Midwest from coming out to the 2007 Midwest Massacre at Buck Hill, Minnesota this year. The Midwest Massacre is put together by Minneapolis based Fresh Tip Design. Fresh Tip is known for organizing ridiculous comps year round. This year, Fresh Tip pulled off all the stops with their personal rail collection and park building knowledge. The riders agreed that it was an awesome slopestlye course and everyone was stoked to get out and ride it. The practice session absolutely went off. Everyone was throwing down before the comp even began and a crazy run was defiantly going to be needed to win it all. Finally it was time to start things off and two jam format qualifiers decided who was going to take it to the semifinals. From the rails to the jumps, everyone’s runs were steezirific and it was no question Midwesterners know how to ski, and they did it damn well. An intense afternoon semifinal gave way to an even more intense Final. It was a close call as to who would win the event and after many disputes by the judges, we had a winner. Coming in first place was 15-year-old Duluth native Cody Ling, followed by another D-Crew member, Evan Rutford. Holding down third with a solid run was Drew Cziok.Special thanks to Fresh Tip, Steve Janisch, D-Crew, A-Crew, Drew and Buck Hill for an awesome event (and for helping me survive the trip).Watch the video here! (21.3MB .mov)

Heli view of the slopestyle course!
Josh Beasley, steezy pleezy.
Steve Janisch.
Cody Ling.
Drew Cziok.
Midwest Massacre winners (L-R) Evan Rutford, Cody Ling and Drew Cziok.