I've said it before and I'll say it again, the Midwest is an often overlooked hot bed for creating some gnarly skiers. I've been noticing more bangers dropping lately and present: midseason hammers in the Midwest.


Ben Zins, local to Mt. Kato, made the trip out to Granite Peak and seems to be dropping more and more hammers every time he drops something.


Paddy's stacking more than a plate of pancakes at some of the best resorts in the MN/WI area.


John Knopf, aka the Minnesota Madman, calls Trollhaugen his home this season and throws down in his edit including jumping over rails and other shenanigans.


Nick Schoess goes huge with a 270 Disaster onto a kink rail at Trollhaugen during Andy Parry's Tell a Friend Tour.


After the release of their 2013/2014 film 'Year Round', Unaffiliated Productions is keeping the game going with non-stop fun at Tyrol, here's the second installment of Tyrol Tuesdays, the first one is just as good.


Courtney Osborn throws down in his B&E Invitational Entry, also filmed at Trollhaugen.


Matt Kaye. Piffhaugen.


[left]The mostly Duluth 'The Lake Effect' crew kicking it in the cities[/left]

[left]Comment below any I'm missing![/left]