As night fell in Norway, it was the turn of the men to take to the big air jump in Hafjell. The jump wasn't the biggest, and after the insanity of the last World Cup in Destne, this event had a lot to live up to. Things started off with a bang though, everyone landing their tricks in the first run. With the scoreless judging format, it's hard to figure exactly what tricks are 'scoring' well, so we're just going to basically list the landed tricks here and say that skiing is insane right now.

Antoine Adelisse set the early bar with his trip 16 and switch pre-nose triple, and from there it was up to everyone else to catch up. There was a ton of insanity, and even some solid creativity on the night but ultimately, nobody could overhaul Antoine.


Jesper Tjader: Dub 16 mute, carved dub 12, switch blender dub 14 mute, switch dub 9 pretz 180.

Antoine Adelisse: Triple 16 mute, switch pre-nose 'triple' 14, switch dub 14 safety to tindy, switch dub bio/misty 16 safety

Fabian Boesch: Dub flat 12 screaming seamen, dub 16 blunt, triple 16 safety, switch dub 14 dub japan, switch right dub misty 14

Colby Stevenson: Dub 16 stale to japan, switch dub 14 stale

Andri: Dub 16 blunt, switch dub misty 10 double mute, switch dub misty 14 dub mute, triple 16 safety, switch dub misty 16

Birk: Switch dub 16 blunt, Dub bio 14 mute to double japan, switch double 16 blunt, dub 18 mute.

Henrik: Dub bio 16 lead safety, nosebutter dub 12 blunt, switch triple 'orbital' 14

Alex Hall: Dub 16 buick, switch dub 14 mute to tail, switch double 18 cuban


Podium Results:

3rd Place - Andri Ragettli

2nd Place - Birk Ruud

1st Place - Antoine Adelisse