Interview & photos: Ethan Stone

Name: Julia Krass

Age: 16

Hometown: Hanover, New Hampshire, USA

This is your first time at Nine Queens. How's it been for you?

Itís been so much fun, definitely one of the most fun competitions this year. Everythingís been awesome, bluebird almost every day, and the jump is so good.

Whatís it like being part of an all-womenís session?

Itís so fun, especially on a day like today where everyoneís pushing it and going for it. I love skiing with the guys, but this is really fun as well.

What do you think of the feature?

Itís pretty awesome. Itís a perfect jump, the speed is really consistent so you can just go straight and know where youíre going to land. Itís a good size too, not too big, not to small, good for doing tricks that you might not be as comfortable with.

Is this a good environment for girls to progress their riding?

I think so. When all the girls are together, youíre all pushing each other. When you see one girl do something, you say ďWow, that looks fun,Ē so then you try it. Itís good to push each other.

How is it riding together with the snowboarders at Nine Queens?

I think itís really fun. Iíve never really ridden much with snowboarders, so itís fun to have them here and have some more girls to be with.

How'd Sochi go for you?

It was a crazy experience. The course was pretty wild, but overall it was really cool to be there.

What do you think about freeskiing becoming an Olympic sport?

I think it's really good just because so many more people were watching and seeing what it was all about. The crowd loved it, so that's awesome to get a bigger fan base that knows what we're all about.

Shoutout to another Queen?

I love skiing together with Katie Summerhayes. Sheís always so fun to ski with. Weíre often doing some of the same stuff, so itís fun to push each other.