Rage: My name’s Gus, I’m a freestyle skier…what’s that about? 

Gus: I hate you. I’m nervous.


Rage: How’s your summer?

Gus:  It was good, I went up to Whistler for the COC, spent a week in France w/ CorUPT, and did the New Zealand open. Now I’m in Bend for the premiere.


Rage:  What was the fondest part of your summer including girls?

Gus: I lost my virginity this summer. (By the way, we at Rage, don’t believe him)


Rage: What was the fondest ski moment of the summer?

Gus:  I learned right side nines.


Rage: What happened last night?  You nuttted on something?

Gus:  We set a summer handrail w/ snow we found at the Mt Bachelor parking lot.  It was a weird Z rail and I was trying to pretzel and I nutted and smashed my face on the ground.


Rage:  Is that gonna make NS’s top vids? 

Gus: Yes, it might.


Rage: Describe your season last year?

Gus:  I started out w/ a few comps and didn’t do well.  I was filming w/ my buddies and making little edits.  I sent Rage a video because I really wanted to shoot w/ them.  They invited me to some park shoots and I got a half segment w/ them so that’s sick.


Rage: How was it just showing up at a first park shoot and not knowing anyone?

Gus:  I was scared to meet Cosco.  He comes across differently from how he is.  He’s scary, but relaxed.  He’s gangster.  He has a coul de sac haircut.  I went w/ Bobby Brown so that made it easier because he’s my friend. Cosco’s just different from how he seems like he would be. He’s chill.


Rage: You’re intimidated by a 5’7, 140 pound kid from Edmonton, Canada who spends 8 hrs a day on his computer and skis for a living?

Gus:  Ya, that’s the jist.  I soon got over the fear.  And then I was scared of Kyler.


Rage:  Still scared of Kyler?

Gus:  He’s nice, but he could crush me if he wanted to, so kinda.


Gus:  Are we done? 

Rage: No. 

Gus:  Ok, cuz now I’m comfortable.


Rage: Why is your demeanor the exact opposite of Bobby Brown?

Gus:  I don’t think that’s true

Rage:  How are you different?

Gus:  He’s relaxed and chill. 


Rage:  Is that why you’re hitting summer rails in Sept after skiing all summer? Elaborate?

Gus:  I don’t know. Dude, I’m twitching.  Bobby is relaxed, I’m ADD and always have to be doing something.  He’s way more chill.


Rage:  That also helps w/ your motivation right?  

Gus:  Ya for sure. Bobby’s real good though.


Rage:  Plans for next year?

Gus:  All the major comps, better results in halfpipe and slopestyle.  Have a full segment w/ Rage. Opening segment would be what I want.  Or closing….that’s my goal for next season.


Rage: You plan on losing your virginity right?

Gus:  Ya.


Rage: Any last parting words?

Gus:  We summed it up, pretty much. 


Rage: What sums it up?

Gus: All the questions and answers we just did.