This season, I'm focusing on up and coming skiers. The guys you should know of, but don't. If you don't know who Dean is, you do now. Dean has been a strong presence in the comp scene this past year, with innovative tricks and absolute style. I got to know the basics, and hope to follow up with him later in the season.

Thanks to Sklar for the header image!

NS: Who are you?

DB: I am Dean Bercovitch. I am currently 24 years of age I think, but sometimes can't remember.

NS: Where do you ski? / Where did you grow up?

DB: I ski Whistler for the most part but am on the road so often that I consider North America home :). I grew up skiing in Quebec at a small resort call Belle Neige. That's where my life switched from snowboarding to skiing at age 14. First I raced, then I skied moguls for a while at the NorAm level, then I jumped on the park wagon 4 years ago.

NS: What were you goals for this past season, and for next?

DB: My goals for the last season was to enter platinum level contests which I did. Got the best result yet at One Hit Wonder Down Under with a 4th place. Aside from competing I accomplished my goal of learning 7 doubles per season. This upcoming season I hope to have 7 triples, I'm halfway there ish!

NS: What make you a unique skier? Any experiences that have helped shape how you ski?

DB: If I had to say what makes me unique as a skier it would be my background in all the disciplines, my experience practicing on trampolines, and the understanding of what we do on skis theoretically from my years of coaching elite athletes and coaches in Canada.

NS: Do you have any ongoing projects? You we filming with Blank Collective for “Canvas.” How did that experience affect your skiing?

DB:For projects this year, I'll be doing a couple more Budhies episodes with Ian Hamilton when our schedules line up. Also anything that comes my way, I like to keep my options open to get up and go whenever.

Filming with canvas was a super sick experience. There's nothing like the scene of a huge jump backgrounded by the incredible peaks when the sun is falling. It was fun to get to know the rest of the crew as well, good guys! For tricks I'm pretty stoked, but I got sick on the second day so I didn't get to lace in everything that's been on my mind. Maybe next time!

NS: Favorite trick? Why?

DB: My favourite trick... that's a hard one, maybe cork 3 Japan. Or double backflip. For a big trick I love carving dub 10 where the first flip is like a cork 3/cork 5ish rotation. Just the floatiest blindest trick that you gotta really trust in yourself for.