Words & photos by Gabriele St-Georges

For most skiers April means the end of the ski season, but for the Meathead Films crew it’s just the beginning of another round of spring film sessions around the East Coast region.


The Meatheads first stop was at Loon Mountain, New Hampshire. Bright and early on a Friday Morning, Luke Hagearty from the Carinthia ski team, Tyler Mega, Evan Williams and some of the Waterville boys (Kyle Keating and B-Wall), met up with four up-and-comers from Quebec, Alex Beaulieu-Marchand, Antoine Choquette, Yan Bussiere and Gab Boudreau to shoot with Geoff Macdonald on this sick hip set up…

Geoff Macdonald setting up.

Tyler Mega

Evan Williams

Antoine Choquette

For the first half of the day the crew took some laps in the local park while waiting for the landings to soften up a bit.

Evan and Tyler in the gondola.

Around Noon the guys started to hit the feature amidst some really nice weather, making for a classic day of spring skiing. 

The crew.

Antoine Choquette going big.

Yan Bussiere

The boys hiking up.

Kyle Keating

Since the forecast was calling for rain the next day, the crew decided to continue filming until late in the day, and began to hit the feature differently.

Alex Beaulieu Marchand

In the end it turned out to be an extremely productive day where many a goggle tans (and in some cases funny sunburns) were collected. Thanks to the Loon park crew for all of their help!


The second stop for the Meatheads was at Killington, Vermont, where they had two really cool features set up. Just like at Loon, the park crew was awesome, and had a ton of snowmobiles available to make our session that much more enjoyable and productive. The crew of riders was a bit smaller but definitely full of talent, as K.C. Brousseau and Jake Doan tagged along with Justin Perry from Whiteface Mountain, Will Hibbs from Stowe Mountain and Evan Williams.

The first feature.

KC Brousseau

Jake Doan

Justin Perry

Will Hibbs

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t totally on our side, but the sun managed to peek out from behind the clouds every once in a while, helping everyone score some good shots.

Justin Perry with a back flip over the feature.

On the first day of the shoot we were only able to hit the bottom feature due to high winds. The feature in question was really unusual, and it was exciting to see what ideas the guys came up with while sessioning it.

Justin Perry wall ride.

Will Hibbs going huge.

George Watts getting the shot of Will Hibbs.

On the second day the wind died down and we were able to shoot the top feature, a nice 86-foot table top. In additon to the lack of wind, we had the sun on our side for about an hour before the clouds came back and it started to rain a bit. You know you’re on the East Coast when you shoot in the rain but it doesn't stop the riders from throwing down to the best of their abilities.

The second feature.

Jake Doan getting the grab.

Sequence of Will Hibbs’ dub.

Also present at the Killington shoot were filmers George Watts of Gypsy Magic, Galin Foley of the The Gold Project and photographer Justin Cash.

Gypsy Magic’s George Watts.

The amazing Tess Hobbs from Killington. Thanks for everything Tess!

Thanks to everyone at Loon and Killington for the lodging and the hospitality, particularly Tess Hobbs from Killington, who is always killing it when it comes to event planning. Also thanks to all of the riders, and especially to Geoff McDonald from Meatheads who always does amazing work (you’re the man!). Can’t wait for the new movie to come out!