So, im working at my mcdonalds, you gotta make a living somehow, when i take some guys order and he comes to my window to pay. He ordered a big mac meal with extra sauce and i saw the runner (person who sends food to me) put the burger and whole meal in the bag. The guy pays and goes to the next window to collect his food when he removes the big mac from the bag and stuff's it under his seat. He then proceeds to ye'll at me and my buddy, who's working the second window, about how he didnt get his food. We argue with him for a good 10 minutes, line up forms behind him with loud honking and such, when he finally decides to drive away. He parks in the parking lot and eats his food. From my window i can see him eating the big mac and talking on his cell phone, is he retarded? My job usually has idiots like that come thru but this one was special, as he was a 90 year old asian dude with crabs of some sort. (age was estimated, but he looked ancient) Hope you Enjoyed, and please dont come again!