During my trip to France, I got to spend some time away from the ski areas.  Julien Regnier (think 1242) and I went to Albertsville… new and old.  The 1992 Olympics were held here, so Mcdonalds being the biggest sponsor of the Olympics… it makes sense that the Mcdonalds here is gonna be next level.

The Medieval part of town is super cool, still a really old feel to it.  Then we went to the most technologically advanced Mcdonalds on the planet.  As you will see in this photo, the seats are better than the bridge on star trek.

Church Time
Old Tower, Julien and I had a discussion about the relation bewteen backcountry jump building and 1400 tower building (look at that bricking style)
Mcdonald’s in France, epic style, food is the same, the experience is other worldly
The golden arches meet old school arches
Does this rail look familiar????  think really hard… anyone know???

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