"We're trying to put some fun back in our lives" Max Hill joked to me on the phone, "we're pretty busy filming in the streets getting our asses kicked" he continued, still joking about the contrast between filming big, badass street features for the new Super Proof Inc project and Max and Corey Vanular's new web series "Park Etiquette."

In addition to filming with Super Proof, the two skiers, are joining forces with friends like Ian Compton, Cole Drexler and Dave Crichton to bring the internet a series of fun, hard shredding edits from the true heart of the Canadian ski scene, Ontario.

I checked in with the crew to hear what they've been up to, and what it's all about.

MS: Why the name Park Etiquette?

Max: It’s pretty funny actually. Corey and I pretty much cut off every kid in the park just trying to get a lot of our lines in a run. We some how always end up getting in front of you in the lift line and we never stop even if a kid falls in front of us. We have pretty awful park etiquette which is why I thought it was a perfect fit for the series.

Tipold: We might have gotten some bad karma from cutting all those kids off when Corey and myself experienced the result of some bad park etiquette first hand. I had my eyes on my camera and was watching Corey through the viewfinder, when out of nowhere I got absolutely destroyed by a snowboarder who was looking down at his phone right beside the landing of the rail. Got my bell rung pretty good, but my camera was fine and at least the footage was funny.

MS: What can we expect for the series?

Max: The riders selected to film all have their own unique style, so you won’t see a lot of repeated tricks or typical techniques. Good style with a happy feel should balance out each segment with an all star roster and some good classic music.

MS: What was your guys’ motivation for filming this series?

Max: Last year Corey and I dedicated so much time to the Super Proof film we tipped the balance of our season and missed out on creating web content. When we got to Blue Mountain we met an amazing filmer named Matt Tipold who had a lot of motivation to get something going. A few days later we had something we were all happy to release and decided we should continue shooting throughout the season.

MS: On the phone Max said this project was “to help put some fun back in our lives, ‘cause we’re pretty busy filming in the streets, getting our asses kicked.”

How do you guys balance the drive to get bigger and badder shots in the streets with more fun, lighthearted stuff like this?

Max: Street is hard on you physically and mentally when you are only filming street skiing. Most of the time you are pretty beat up from your previous feature and you are only stepping to bigger scarier and more consequential spots continually until you break down. Its a constant uphill battle with a great payout when you begin stacking footage, which is why my addiction to film is so outrageous these days. Being able to just ride a chairlift and have fun with your friends on some smaller and trickable features brings me back to why I even started street skiing. So for me its a great way to showcase other talents of my skiing I can’t ordinarily show at certain street spots. CASG Sundays were some good memories I also want to re-live.


MS: Who, what and where are we going to see?

Max: You are going to see riders like Corey Vanular, Ian Compton, Cole Drexler, Dave Crichton and a new special guest every time a new edit drops. This will be based out of Ontario, home of the 3 minute lap. You are also going to see some kick ass skiing every time!

MS: Does this mean you’re not filming with Super Proof? Or is this in addition to a new project for you and the boys?

Max: Corey and I have been in Ontario the past month filming for Super Proof and we have already seen some great shots begin stacking up! We are 100% dedicated to making this next Super Proof film free for everyone. However, its not going to be as light hearted as some of these park etiquette segments unveil. This will be an all street film and it is most definitely going to have a lot of love hate from viewers.

MS: On that note, what can we expect from Super Proof this year?

Corey: I dont want to give it all away.. But, there is going to be a reunion segment from

“The Three Phils”.......... PSYCHE!

Showing off that wonderful park etiquette

MS: Max, when Dan Brown (Line Marketing Nerd) first put this interview out to us at NS, he wanted Mr. Bishop to be the interviewer, because Dan said that you credit Doug with teaching you how to ski park. Can you tell us that story?

Max: Oh man! Doug Bishop use to be this lanky bleached blonde Kurt Kobain park staff at Blue Mountain. I just so happened to grow up at the bottom of that hill. One night I showed up to the park to find him with a rubber chicken hanging from his pocket and a shovel chain smoking. Back then this scared the absolute shit out of me seeing how I was 13 at the time. A few months down the road, I was abducted into his crew called “The Snow Snakes.” We always mobbed around the hill feeding off each other since there was only about six or seven skiers in the park back then, it was pretty rewarding having such a tight knit community to teach me everything from riding switch to snaking the lift line. I owe that man a lot for showing me such a fun time back then.

MS: Any shoutouts?

Reed Speedman, that guy is F’in hilarious.. and that Chug Life guy too.

And without further ado, Episode 1 of Park Etiquette