Max Hill recently called out the raw skills and growing reputation of Cole Drexler on SBC Skier’s site. Not only do we get great insight into Cole’s background and how he has moved up through the ranks (with obvious help from his Afterbangs), we also get to see Max’s literary skills. Let us know if that freeskiing thing doesn’t work out for you Max, you can write for us!

But for reals Cole Drexler is legit, so pay attention.

Aug 5, 2010

Author: Max Hill

It?s getting hard to not hear

an echo when bringing up the

name Cole Drexler. With a

fresh diploma in his hand and a

recent handshake with Line and

Joystick, Cole is getting all the

arms he needs to reach the top

on his way up the ranks.

Originally hailing from

Waterloo, Ont., Cole moved to

Collingwood at the age of 11,

quit racing when he was 14 and

checked into the park scene

with a one-way ticket. Cole

is not your average jibber’s

delight and best known for the

“deadlung, pivot” landings and

the “off that” trick inventions.

Opposed to the addictive

compulsion of dialing in a

comp run day-in-day-out, he’s

creating next year?s trends and

documenting the rights to his

own success.

Cole?s had support getting

here, too. Growing up in a

family of skiers he may be

one of the only kids whose

parents approached him about

spending his grade 11 year in

Whistler?where he logged

over 120 days on the slay

mission. Last season he took

his quiver of tricks and entered

the first two rail jams of the

season in Collingwood, winning

both. Suddenly the local lift

line for Cole got a lot shorter

even on a busy day.

After making noise online, It

was inevitable he would link up

on a trail of destruction filming

for the Voleurz family. With his

local band of misfits behind

him and the industry turning

heads and pages, just make

sure you get front row when he

comes to a city near you.

It?s getting hard to not hear an echo when bringing up the name Cole Drexler. With a fresh diploma in his hand and a recent handshake with Line and Joystick, Cole is getting all the arms he needs to reach the top on his way up the ranks.

Originally hailing from Waterloo, Ont., Cole moved to Collingwood at the age of 11, quit racing when he was 14 and checked into the park scene with a one-way ticket. Cole is not your average jibber’s delight and best known for the ”deadlung, pivot” landings and the “off that” trick inventions. Opposed to the addictive compulsion of dialing in a comp run day-in-day-out, he’s creating next year?s trends and documenting the rights to his own success.

Cole?s had support getting here, too. Growing up in a family of skiers he may be one of the only kids whose parents approached him about spending his grade 11 year in Whistler?where he logged over 120 days on the slay mission. Last season he took his quiver of tricks and entered the first two rail jams of the season in Collingwood, winning both. Suddenly the local lift line for Cole got a lot shorter even on a busy day.

After making noise online, It was inevitable he would link up on a trail of destruction filming for the Voleurz family. With his local band of misfits behind him and the industry turning heads and pages, just make sure you get front row when he comes to a city near you.

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Chili C the Paper Chaser from cole drexler on Vimeo.

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