I recenlty got to sit down and chat with my good pal Matty Benedetto, we talked about the future or EC, the process he has made, and the team.

Check it out.

Brian Landrigan: ok word...

Brian Landrigan: When did Ec start and why?

Matt Benedetto: Summer of 2004 and because i started making hats the winter before and everyone was always asking me to make them a sick hat.

Brian Landrigan: Who works for ec?

Matt Benedetto: Mattyb. I have worked by myself since the start, but my team really is an influence on all my decisions.

Brian Landrigan: Introdouce your team lineup for this season.

Matt Benedetto: I have some returning member which are Matt Walker, John Strenio, Chris Culnane, and Andrew Holson. The new members include Matt Margretts, Andrew Hathaway, and Ahmet Dadalo.

Matt Benedetto: Dadali*

Brian Landrigan: Do you plan on working and growing ec, throughout the years and turn it into something much bigger?

Matt Benedetto: Deffinitly. I have already started working on next years line. Which is going to have about 6-8 more hat styles, and i guess we'll go from there.

Brian Landrigan: What should we expect to see more of this year, and into next season?

Matt Benedetto: This year im really working on getting my name out there more. I will have a full page ad in the december issue of freeskier, which im stoked about. I'll be advertising other place which are still being worked out. As for next season, its riding on how this season goes. So only time will tell.

Brian Landrigan: Word, def stoked to see the ad, Whats the average day like for you (matty b)?

Matt Benedetto: Wake up at 5:30 take a train to school through Harlem. Get my learn on. Get home around 5:50 PM. Straight to the computer to email stores, riders, and talk on NS. Also working on my other sticker company which has been pretty good to me.

Brian Landrigan: Sick, what's it like going to school NYC, do you take the urban influence into consideraton designing your product line?

Matt Benedetto: yeaaway*

Matt Benedetto: wrong hat

Matt Benedetto: person*

Matt Benedetto: sry haha

Brian Landrigan: ahah ok

Matt Benedetto: Yea, when im chillen in harlem i just look around and try to get ideas from like graffiti and stuff, and the people there. Its pretty fun and it deffinitly helps ideas come up

Brian Landrigan: What reigons of the country should we expect to see your hats in stores?

Matt Benedetto: California, Connecticut, New York, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, and Australia.

Brian Landrigan: Australia? how did that work out, that must be pretty exciting

Matt Benedetto: I don't really I just got an email the other day from store ordering some early for thier next season. Which I'm pretty stoked about. I also sent some hats to Europe a few days ago.

Brian Landrigan: Thats really sick, do you think you would have been able to start your company without the aid of ns?

Matt Benedetto: Absolutly no. Ns is the one complete source to find and reach those who you're trying to reach to. Having the kids right there and being about to get any response to anything within 10mins is amazing. NS is the main reason I have done so good.

Brian Landrigan: Word, any last words and shoutouts you want to give to the kids on newschoolers?

Matt Benedetto: Just thanks to everyone who has supported EC., I really appriacate it. Also check out the new hats and order them at

Matt Benedetto: http://www.echeadwear.com/products.html

Brian Landrigan: thanks matty!