Our Globetrotting Shred ambassador, Matthieu Perez, is crankin’ along. While his winter shred season in Europe was quite the downer, as it was for all you all out there, he recently got a solid promotion at his gig promoting outdoor summer products, AND he’s also turned 36. Holy crap, that’s old (hahah… just kidding… I’m 34).


Here’s a little reflection on life in his own words and images…

I just reached my 36 springs three weeks ago, time is running! Well, winter, this cold season usually enjoyable, is gone since a long time. To be true, I didn’t feel its presence in Europe..Worst winter of the last 50 or 60 past years in Austria! Never started, never ended. Glaciers were poor and dry – Valleys never really get white - Melting pipe in march – Friendship – Banked – Carving for life! Weird feeling, winter time is gone, we skate since months already, two surf trips done, is everything normal?

One more example to illustrate that our nature is fragile, cycles are unstable and future is uncertain. No pessimism but a glimpse of our reality.

Actually, spring has been a blast so far, more active and productive than the winter. Once again, im glad to work, develop, promote and progress with some of you guys, future is exiting and my journey through life as well.

I keep you updated really soon with more love and moods.



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