AKA, Pfeifferhorn, is a nice little shark tooth of a mountain. Easily recognized by its similarity to the famous peak in the Alps, its the 5th highest in the Wasatch. On may 1st, it was not our original objective, but the unexpected sun forced us to bail on a more exposed line down the road. We were equally stoked on the new mission, and the incredible powder it would deliver for the first day of May.

^The northwest couloir was the objective, as seen in this photo from 2010. Typically, a 60 foot cliff chokes out this line halfway, requiring a repel over the gnar. But in this winter of epic proportions, we were able to shoot right through as if the cliff didn't exist.

^morning light comes though the trees and consumes you with intense heat, than its back to the frigid shadows.

^tried to make quick work of the chilly north woods.

^the south faces of little cottonwood canyon looked tremendous.

^seemed like a pretty mellow spring day down in the valley for most folks.

^eventually we make it to within reasonable distance of the peak. just a quick ridge hop and a skip and we're there.

^ a shot of the lovely timp massif

^ Once at the top, Neil makes his way down the northwest ramp. Considering it's May, it was no suprise that the upper half was intermittent powder and ice. At least we didn't have to stop for the otherwise mandatory repel. After flashing the choke, the line finished off with some fluffy deep powder turns.

^ a shot of the north face, taken in 2010. A very aesthetic peak indeed.

^ well that was fun. Finished it off with a four thousand foot exit gully. The strong sun had worked the snow down low, turning it from dry crystal powder to wet mank in a hurry. Its that time of the year. Eventually the snow will melt, but with another cold storm on the horizon, the endless winter continues.