Team Selection Update

Teams as of mid-february are:

Boyd Easly

Jon Olson

Steele Spence

Simon Dumont

Philou Poirer

Vinnie Dorion

Dave Crichton

Tanner Hall

CR Johnson

Pete Olenick

Phil Belanger

Phil Larose

Thomas Rinfret

Iannick B.

Mark Abma

TJ Schiller

JP Auclair

Anthony Boronowski

Julien Regnier


Team selections are underway!

All captains have agreed to the roll of captains. The 1 through 100 kickball style team selection looks like this.

The magic number was 26

JP Auclair picked number 74

Philou Poirer picked number 33

Phil Belanger picked number 3

Boyd Easly picked number 22

Iannick B. picked number 69

Tanner Hall picked number 42

The selection order will go as follows:

Boyd Easly

Philou Poirer

Tanner Hall

Phil Belanger

Iannick B.

JP Auclair

Boyd's first pick is Jon Olsson!

Stay tuned as captains make their picks, name their teams and get ready for the Masters. We'll be updating this page as teams are picked, we're aiming for full team pages with bios of all the athletes so keep checkin' back.