The 11th year of Master Shredder is in the books. What started as an unusually cold Spring day, things quickly heated up on Trollhaugen's, Tomte rope. Front and center at the ski area: the Midwest's finest talent was on display. This year we had riders come all the way from Michigan for a chance at $1000 cash and a ticket to Tom Wallisch's Steel City Showdown, happening this weekend.

Skier: Owen Ready // Photo: Chris Kirihara

Skier: Forest Turtle // Photo: Matt Krohn

The field was cut in half after a 2 hour jam. It was the first year doing a 30+ showcase, with some old heads and local legends showing they still had some moves. Craig Weiler and Mike Mamalakis went head to head at the end for a chance for a bar tab covered at Troll.

Skier: Craig Weiler // Photo: Chris Kirihara

The finals were littered with usual suspects as well as a bunch of new names, and riders at their first Master Shredder

Skier: Matt Wunderlich // Photo: Chris Kirihara

Skier: Adam Peterson // Photo: Matt Krohn

Skier: Collin Johnson // Photo: Chris Kirihara

Skier: David Duea // Photo: Matt Krohn

Skier: Joel Tiburzi // Photo: Matt Krohn

From 17 in finals down to 6 in a super-final, this was all peer judged and everyone was hyped on what was being thrown down. In the end, it was Forest Turtle on top, taking home $1000 cash

The Master Shredder: Forest Turtle // Photo: Matt Krohn

Forest is going to Utah and was unable to make it to make it out to Seven Springs, and he picked fellow finalist Michael Mcguire, who was the Master Shredder last year. Very deserving of the spot out East and a total homie move by Forest

Best vibes all day long

Michael Mcguire being chosen to go to Tom Wallisch's Steel City Showdown

// Photo: Matt Krohn

Forest Turtle & Michael Mcguire // Photo: Matt Krohn

Raffle for all // Photo: Chris Kirihara

See everyone next year // Photo: Matt Krohn

Big thanks to Trollhaugen & their park crew

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Special thanks to Tom Wallisch for the opportunity for a Midwest kid to shine out east under the big lights